Old Tweets?Gone.

Tweet Cleaner helps you keep your social media presence clean by automatically removing your tweets after a period of time.

We believe

Opinions are timely

Just as you wouldn't judge someone for hating broccoli when they were six, people shouldn't be judged based on their old opinions.

People change

You are not the same person you were last month - everything you experience subtly changes who you are. Social media should reflect this.

History isn't for digging

You social media history isn't there for other people to dig through, trying to find dirt or judging what you've shared.

Cleanliness should be easy

Keeping your social media profile clean shouldn't take any dedicated effort. It should happen in the background for you.

No need to be afraid

Posting on social media is sharing yourself with the world. If it's only temporary you have no reason to be afraid. Show the world the real you.

You should be in control

We are all unique individuals. Tidy for one person is chaos for another. Customise your experience to suit your needs.

How it works

1. Connect your twitter account

Authorize Tweet Cleaner against your twitter account. We don't ask for any personal details. It's as simple as clicking a button.

connect your twitter account

2. Customise your preferences

Decide how you want your tweets to be removed and choose if any of your tweets have a special place in your heart.

setting preferences

3. Sit back and relax

That's it! Sit back and watch your tweets disappear.

view your dashboard

Who's behind Tweet Cleaner?


Hey, I'm Doug. I'm a Software Engineer.

While posting stupid things on Twitter, as many people do... I realized that everything I tweeted would be available on the internet - forever. This terrified me...

What if I said something in the moment that comes back to bite me? What if I change my mind on a topic and there's proof I used to be wrong? I still wanted to engage with Twitter though...

So I set out to build Tweet Cleaner...

A tool to help you keep Twitter clean while simultaneously letting you engage in the conversation.

Get started today.

Get started immediately - no upfront payment or card details needed. Just sign in with your twitter account and you are away!